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In this episode recorded on December 13th, IDSA President-Elect Carlos del Rio, MD, FIDSA and IDSA Public Health Committee Chair Julie Vaishampayan, MD, FIDSA share what the medical community knows thus far about the Omicron variant, including its impact on current COVID-19 treatments and why testing plays a key role.

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Misinformation about COVID-19, including vaccines, treatments and the government’s role, has been fueling vaccine hesitancy. In this episode, IDSA President Dr. Daniel McQuillen, FIDSA, IDSA President-Elect Dr. Carlos del Rio, FIDSA and John Bridgeland, co-founder and CEO of the COVID Collaborative, discuss what is being done to combat misinformation, how to address myths with vaccine hesitant patients, the impact misinformation has on the future of medicine and the latest information on omicron.

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COVID-19 Treatment Guideline co-authors Rajesh Gandhi, MD, FIDSA of Harvard University and Adarsh Bhimraj, MD, FIDSA of the Cleveland Clinic give an update on COVID-19 therapeutics and discuss two recently published papers in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Lessons learned from COVID-19 therapies: Critical perspectives from the IDSA COVID-19 treatment guideline panel:

Therapeutic Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) During Pandemics: Double-Edged Swords:

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