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COVID-19: the race between the variants and the vaccinations. Do desperate times call for desperate measures? HIVMA Chair Rajesh Gandhi, MD, with Harvard University, and 2020 IDSA Society Citation Awardee Adarsh Bhimraj, MD, with the Cleveland Clinic, discuss COVID-19 treatments: the knowns, unknowns, and important factors in stemming the future of the pandemic.

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Vaccination rates are inconsistent around the U.S. and globally. Is it safe to travel for summer vacations? Trish Perl, MD, FIDSA, of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and Preeti Malani, MD, FIDSA, of the University of Michigan, join us to discuss summer vacationing, travel, and how to be safe.

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Is the “Fauci effect” enough to attract the number of doctors needed into the field of ID? In this episode, IDSA President Barbara Alexander, MD, FIDSA is joined by Wendy Armstrong, MD, FIDSA, of Emory University School of Medicine, and Michael Melia, MD, FIDSA, of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, to discuss the current state of the ID Match and IDSA’s efforts to address recruitment into the field as well as its mentorship and professional development efforts.

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