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What are the advantages & limitations of COVID-19 antibody testing? Kim Hanson, M.D. of the University of Utah & IDSA Secretary Angela Caliendo, M.D., FIDSA of Brown University shares key takeaways from IDSA’s new serology guidelines

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"We know from experience now that we cannot lost our corporate memory. We must be prepared for the next outbreak as we struggle through this one." NIAID Director and IDSA member Anthony Fauci, M.D., FIDSA shares ID insights on the COVID-19 pandemic with guest moderator Carlos del Rio, M.D., FIDSA and answers questions submitted by IDSA members. 

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Dr. Jason Newland of Washington University and Dr. Elisa Choi of Harvard University join us to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on routine medical care, and the dangers of delaying health care and necessary medical procedures.

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Is pooled testing the answer to the current testing challenges? What are its limitations? Dr. Romney Humphries of Vanderbilt University and Dr. Melissa Miller of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill join us to discuss the benefits and questions surrounding COVID-19 pooled testing practices. 

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Are high school, college & professional sports safe to play right now? Dr. John Swartzberg of UC Berkley and Dr. Colleen Kraft of Emory University explain how COVID-19 will impact the world of sports.

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Is air travel actually safe right now? Dr. Trish Perl of UT Southwestern Medical Center and Tori Barnes, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy with the U.S. Travel Association join us to address concerns and questions surrounding travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Dr. Jonathan Iralu of Indian Health Service and Dr. Donald Warne, director of Indians into Medicine, of the University of North Dakota join us to discuss the disparities COVID-19 has brought to light within the Native American population.

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