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IDSA discusses the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with Dr. Anne Spaulding of Emory University, Dr. Mahmood Dalhat of the Nigerian Society of Infectious Diseases & Dr. Najwa Khuri-Bulos of the University of Jordan.

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Is the COVID-19 supplemental funding bill enough? Drs. Andrew Pavia of the University of Utah, Matthew Zahn of Orange County Healthcare Agency, & Dawd Siraj of the University of Wisconsin-Madison join us for this week's episode.

Time stamps:
02:17 - Is the $7.8 billion supplemental funding bill enough? (Dr. Pavia)
03:57 - Can this funding be useful at other types of health care facilities, such as community hospitals or outpatient settings?
04:54 - Is this level of funding enough to respond to the epidemic? (Dr. Zahn)
09:26 - Preparedness needs in public health(Dr. Zahn)
11:13 - Assessment of the global response so far(Dr. Siraj)
13:53 - Is the funding enough at a global level? (Dr. Siraj)

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Drs. Angela Hewlett, Andre Kalil & Mark Rupp of the Nebraska Bio-Containment & Quarantine Units discuss how they've been evaluating some of the Americans quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

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