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IDSA speaks with Carlos del Rio, MD, FIDSA of Emory University, Javeed Siddiqui, MD, FIDSA of TeleMed2U and Ravina Kullar, PharmD, FIDSA of Expert Stewardship, Inc. The expert panelists discuss the Trump administration’s supplemental funding request, combatting misinformation on social media, the role telehealth will play in patient treatment, and the status of a COVID-19 vaccine.

00:49 - Where does the spread of COVID-19 stand today?
02:46 - Current treatment plans
09:06 - Will a vaccine be developed to prevent COVID-19?
09:46 – The role of telehealth in treating patients
13:10 - CDC's assessment that hospitals should prepare for a greater role for telehealth
14:02 - Will the funding request by the Trump administration be enough?
15:41 - Combatting misinformation on social media

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This week, IDSA speaks with Drs. Krutika Kuppalli of Stanford University, Julie Vaishampayan, FIDSA of Stanislaus County Public Health, & Susan Kline of University of Minnesota about the latest COVID-19 news, including new findings from a China CDC paper and important steps to keep healthcare workers safe while preventing transmission.

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IDSA speaks with Drs. Elisa Choi of Harvard Medical School, Amesh Adalja of Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security & Adeel Butt of Weill Cornell Medicine about the latest COVID-19 response efforts, public risk here and abroad, & the effects of recent travel restrictions.

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IDSA’s Coronavirus Expert Panel, Dr. Daniel Lucey, FIDSA, Dr. Matthew Zahn, and CDC's Dr. Tim Uyeki & Dr. Satish Pillai share what you need to know about COVID-19. 

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